CCTV Surveillance

Our CCTV Solution cuts across the various sectors of the Economy. Whether you are looking for home security, city surveillance solution, pipeline monitoring, boarder security or ordinary security cameras for your business; wired systems, or wireless ones, you will find it in Digital Technologies And Networks Ltd. From covert hidden cameras to PC video surveillance, is truly a systems for you. We have a definitive solution for your home security and business organization, call us today

Extreme Surveillance

Our Extreme Surveillance cameras (Thermal Cameras) are special cameras designed with the ability to see in all weather conditions over a wide range from 7km to 20km even in the darkest of night. It allows the enemy to be seen without you being seen and provides room for a decisive advantage.

Its Applications

  • Petrochemical Installation
  • Ports
  • Air Forts
  • Broader line
  • Industrial Facilities

An excellent cost effective solution for seeing in total darkness in the most adverse weather condition is Thermal Imaging. Protect your valuable facilities, assets and personnel in total Darkness and all-weather conditions.