Traffic management solution

Surveillance Cameras Monitor Traffic

Traffic flows, license plate recognition and transport and traffic detection can be monitored through the use of surveillance camera technology. Whether you’re responsible for monitoring a parking lot, railway station, capturing license plate numbers or monitoring the traffic flow and traffic lights on a highway, finding the appropriate lenses to help perform the task is vital. Vehicle license plate recognition can assist law enforcement officials in the apprehension of a suspect and it can also ensure that only authorized vehicles are allowed into a specific location.Security CCTV camera operating over the road

A traffic detection system warns municipal officials of potential traffic bottlenecks and allows officials to plan for future highway expansions, reroute traffic, change the duration of stop lights and even prevent or implement roadblocks.

  • Technology that can automatically recognize and log license plates – even on fast-moving vehicles.
  • Traffic detection systems that relay data in real-time.
  • Traffic technology that interacts with lights, roadblocks and other transportation devices.
  • A camera that is suitable for public or commercial transportation.
  • Video surveillance that can capture images in real time, and/or transmit data for parking lot surveillance.
  • Technology that can integrate with your existing software and hardware